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Nowadays, there are many video distribution services and a wide variety of software and tools for distribution, making it possible for anyone to distribute live games. Although it is possible to distribute with a single smartphone, it is easier to adjust the microphone and camera to make it easier for you to distribute and for viewers to see and hear you. A very important piece of equipment among the various pieces of equipment is the audio mixer. Due in part to the problem of the audio source, the volume of game sounds varies depending on the title and platform being played, so this equipment is indispensable for balancing the distributor’s voice and making it easier to hear. Some have multifunctional features such as sound effects and voice changers, which can be useful to liven up the delivery. Recently, manufacturers of gaming devices have released audio mixers, and there are a variety of options available. Well, the long-established musical instrument manufacturer ” Roland ” has done just that! Roland ‘s first gaming audio mixer, the BRIDGE CAST, is now available!

A multifunctional mixer with “better sound

As many of you may know, “Roland” is a major Japanese manufacturer of electronic musical instruments. They produce synthesizers, electronic pianos, amplifiers, effectors, and so many other products that are loved all over the world, and if you are aware of them, you can find them everywhere in town. If you have ever been in a band, you are familiar with the ” Jazz Chorus ” series of guitar amplifiers and the ” BOSS ” effects pedals. The ” BRIDGE CAST ” is the first gaming audio mixer from Roland, so you may be tempted to buy it just for its name value, but it’s not too late to get to know its features.

The “BRIDGE CAST” has a built-in high-performance microphone preamplifier that can handle up to 75 dB. When a dynamic or condenser microphone is connected via the XLR jack, the sound quality can be upgraded to high without additional equipment. The onboard headphone amplifier can also drive headphones with high impedance, and the sound monitored is clear and high quality. A headset with a microphone can also be used, so simply connecting a headset with a single cable completes the setup.

The two sound mixer systems can be switched, allowing separate settings for the sound for distribution and the sound for monitoring that you listen to. For example, if you want the viewers to hear the distributor’s voice clearly because there is in-game background music in the video they watch, but you do not need background music and do not need much return of the voice in the sound you hear, you do not have to choose one over the other. You can set and use both the sound for the distribution and your own use in the best possible condition.

The terminals on the main unit include USB Type-C for power supply,USB Type-C for connecting to a PC or other equipment ,XLR jack for a microphone ,headphone/headset jack,AUX jack, and the standard and minimum necessary ones, plus a LINE OUT jack that can be used for connecting external speakers The unit also has a LINE OUT jack that can be used to connect an external speaker. Having a separate audio output for distribution makes it easier to make adjustments according to the situation, which is very convenient when there is someone in charge of PA.


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