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Italian design, audio systems devoted to tradition, vision for the future. Montarbo is committed to excellence and vanguard with a philosophy founded on product longevity and reliability. By exploring new concepts, we bring to life innovative and user-friendly technologies, authentic solutions for professionals and listeners.


In the crucial moment that marked the transition between the analog era and the beginning of technological evolution, Montarbo entered the audio world by creating a product that was then one of a kind: in the middle of the 1960s, the first portable 6-channel mixer was born.

From the heart of northern Italy, Sergio Montanari defined the standards of an amplified system destined to become the most famous all-in-one portable mixer on the market. From its roots and through decades of history, Montarbo keeps alive the founding values of its early products: ease of use, versatility, component quality, technological innovation, and reliability. At the end of 2019, Montarbo embarks on a new course under the ownership of A.E.B. Industriale s.r.l., a guide that lead to new horizons of strategic vision and even more dynamic technological developments.

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Thus, from its origins until today, Montarbo stands out with solid, long-lived products with an unmistakable sound.

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We redefine teamwork, strengthen the cohesion of teams and operate according to the diversification of skills, cultivating individual stories and passions. As the world of technology rapidly evolves, Montarbo products aim to embody the excellence of the past by constantly modeling it on the needs of the future world.

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